Essential oils and stress

May 13, 2021

Feeling a tad stressed these days with everything you’ve got going on?  Take a natural break and lighten your surroundings with a few essential oils.

LAVENDER is probably best known to help alleviate stress, it can relieve anxiety, or it can help you get some well-deserved zzz’s.

Feeling a tad anxious?  CLARY SAGE can help reduce your anxiety or improve your mood.

YLANG YLANG should be your go-to to enhance your mood & maybe your self-esteem.

Big decisions coming up?  Stress at an all-time level.  Surround yourself with SWEET ORANGE.

LEMONGRASS can help calm tension and can encourage relaxation. 

VETIVER can lessen your anxiety while promoting alertness and brain function.

BERGAMOT is a great mood booster.

Emotions all over the place? Give NEROLI a try.